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June MAZE!

a 3/0 sc lauan

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Come to US Pure this month and try your hand at the June MAZE!  Guaranteed to drive you insane, navigate room after room of buttons attempting to find your way to the exit! 

Food, Flashlight, and Item storage is provided! 

The Maze is operational 24/7, and contains no traps, tricks or combinations.  it's as "simple" as pushing buttons to open doors! 


Bottom center of V14


1st- $5.00 RustEZ store credit
M249, L96, 12,000 Scrap
3rd- M249, 6000 Scrap

*store credit can be delivered, weapon/scrap prizes are for US pure only! 

I look forward to seeing everyone give it a try! 


maze 0622 ad.png

maze 0622 ad1.png

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