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Heyo! I was banned quite some time ago for and I'm not exactly sure what for. I believe it was for taking someone's items, but I can't be certain. I might not have read the rules of the server back then, nor was I on the server for more than a day or so if I can recall.

Recently found the PVE Zombie servers again and me and a few mates wanted to give it a proper shot. Was wondering if I'm able to appeal for that ban I received all that time ago?

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Hello Hhellweii-8,

I have reviewed the circumstances surrounding your ban, and your desire to play on the Scourge server.
At this point, I am willing to lift the ban.
However, please be aware that as you have already been banned once, any further rule breaking will result in the ban being reinstated immediately, without the possibility of an appeal.

I strongly suggest you read and fully understand the rules so as to avoid any possible misunderstandings. You can read the rules on the server loading screen, or by pressing Esc. when in game. Don't forget to scroll down! If you require clarification on a rule, please ask any admin (the players with green names in game) and they will be happy to explain.

Welcome back and enjoy!

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