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better zombies , more PVE (psst press here there is ideas)


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i am not here to talk about zombie AI there is plenty ways to go around that 
look i have been a zombie man survival, apocalypse call it what you want game enjoyed my entire life , i see the word zombie in the server name and it took me in , been here for like 2 weeks 
what i mean is make zombies actually a threat , more zombies , hordes like small and big ones and mutants 
some people may not like that i get it , then make it in certain areas or make certain areas doesnt have it , put some ways to fend hordes off at the same time put some that may lure hordes in , for an example a custom monument like excavator that will lure hordes when used because of the sound or whatever reason.
thats it thank you i like the server , its pretty great and fun but my only point on it is that if you want it to be a PVE server not PVP then make the PVE in it actually hard (in certain situations ofc) and more unique which usually leads to it being more enjoyable.
have a nice day y'all.

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