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there seems to be a recurring issue of people building bases that impact others in negative ways with no guidance on base design and no standard way of addressing the problem. i realize one of the main tenets of these servers is to not limit creativity, so i propose the admins (perhaps with the help of players) create a simple set of guidelines that give a list of things to do, and things not to do, along with some alternative techniques for base design that, in general, work for everybody. with this, i think creativity could even be amplified with some basic rules to work within; the opposite is what you get if people are left wondering if their build is going to annoy others. from the builders point of view, it's a very negative experience finding out people loathe what you've been doing -- especially through others -- then wondering where the goal posts are and questioning the effort altogether. the people and community is so much fun, and there are many really great builds -- some of which take a lot of resources, and some of those could be done in a more efficient way -- that i think a simple set of guidelines -- as opposed to players snitching on one another and admins suggesting arbitrary changes ad hoc (when asked or not) -- would go a long way toward addressing problematic base builds and increase the quality of the game for everyone while preserving and perhaps even boosting the fun and creative aspects that exist today.

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