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Pipes, quarries and the whole issue

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As some have probably noticed quarries are incredibly hard to set up and even more so to get pipes to automate them. the issue in terms of pipes is not that you cant create them but because of how far the quarries need to be to even be placed. i have had this issue 2 times now where i was warned over pipes being "too long" but the whole issue stemmed from quarries themself. to even get a quarry to be placed you need to find a hole and then have the surrounding cleared, not in tc range, no other quarries yada yada yada but then even if you jump through all the known hoops and check every criteria off the list then it still wont place because of the grass length or the soil quality. yes im only joking about the grass and soil but even still it seems that they will not place for no reason known to man. this means that several survey charges were wasted and then you need to move further from the original quarry (assuming you could even set one up in the first place) meaning that the pipe length will be longer. then assuming the user wants to automate (because in my eyes that is what the pipes are there for) they need equipment like furnaces, refineried and finally storage. By the time the user has set this up and has connected up the pipes the whole system is most likely over 1 tile and if even by one single foundation length then they most likely will be warned and in my case some of the pipes will be deleted leading to the system just being no longer functional.


All that being said this is where my solution comes in and personally its fairly simple:


Just dont include any pipes interacting with quarries or pump jacks (including those emptying them AND those supplying them with fuel) UNLESS the themself as a singular and individual pipe exceed the allowed length (1 tile)

Do not permit ANY staff to delete pipes of a player. pipes are time consuming to set up and are sometime difficult to do so in terms of the right filters, priorities and other settings. having done that just for a moderator to delete them without making attempts to contact the user while they are off line can become very frustrating. i myself experienced this where i was informed via a warning message "i have removed some pipes" (i wont name the moderatory to keep their anonymity and not to "name and shame" them) leading me to have to search around my quarry system to see which pipes were deleted. unfortunately for me the pipes that were deleted were vital to the functionality of my setup so now it just wont work.

Additionally there should be more clatiry on the "1 tile length max rule" as before i was warned for the first time i had no idea of this rule. there was no information about it in the /info command which you can use in game which contains in itself a list of rules. There could be more clarity of whether the pipe length is determined by the longest chain of pipes in the whole system or through individual pipes. Furthermore adding said rule to the /info menu would allow for players to be more aware of the rule since the only ways to learn about it from my knowledge is to either be warned about it and then be on your first warning or to be informed by another player who suffered the former.



Although this TLDR section is available i do implore you to read the full text as to get a better understanding of the issue i am trying to convey and thus the solutions i have stated


No pipes to or from quarries are to be included in the length unless they themself as a simgular pipe break the rule.

Under NO (none, 0, nada) circumstances should a moderator be permitted to delete the pipes of a user without consulting them first as some pipe may play a role in the core functionality.

Clarify the 1 tile pipe rule. does it apply to singular pipes or the longest chain that is in the whole system. the ambiguity of the rule allows for it to be left up to interpretation and therefore unjust or incosistent application of the rule/s. Rules should not be worded in a way which the enforcement is left to interpretation.


If you have any thoughts on my solutions then please be sure to let me know by replying or if you have any solutions of your own please feel free to do the same.

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