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Banned AU Survival - claydon08

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Offender: Claydon (76561198413486765) (947691378)
Server: AU Survival
Time: 20:59 AEST
Length: Permanent until appealed.
Reason: Looting

More Info:

Bloom and Claydon had gained access to a players base while they were offline, Bloom was caught looting the vehicles. a few mins later i checked Claydon's inventory and found what I have attached below. at this time he had been online 20mins, Elixil3 questioned him and he said he farmed it all. after further conversation, he admitted he stole it from the offline players base and proceeded to show Elixil3 and myself how he got into the base and stole the items. Due to the actions of both players, it was felt that a warning would not curb this behavior, after his friend had already been given a warning for the same thing and both proceeded to keep looting. Claydon claims to not know Bloom but upon further investigation, they are friends through steam.


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