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All things you can sell in /shop


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/Shop offers you net worth for in-game items, I have made a list containing all possibilities.

Scrap: $0.10

Stones: $0.04

Sulfur: $0.10

Low Grade Fuel: $0.19

Animal Fat: $0.15

Wood: $0.01

Cloth: $0.13

Pumpkin: $0.88

High Quality Metal: $0.20

Leather: $0.18

Metal Fragments: $0.05

Road Signs: $2.40

Metal Pipe: $2.40

Tech Trash: $5.40

Rope: $3.90

Empty Propane Tank: $6.00

Electric Fuse: $5.00

Sheet Metal: $13.40

Duct Tape: $100.65

Gears: $11.25

Metal Blade: $2.50

Tarp: $13.00

Semi Automatic Body: $13.10

SMG Body: $8.10

Corn: $0.73

Bone Fragments: $0.13

Diesel Fuel: $16.00

Wolf Skull: $58.00

Glue: $100.00

Sticks: $0.22

Metal Spring: $5.40

Crude Oil: $0.16

Charcoal: $0.02

Rifle Body: $25.60

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