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So I while I was in game, it occurred to me I hadn't seen any rain. I was told that it was reduced due to complaints.  I can't find any info on it, but it then I didn't play last wipe so maybe I missed it. That being said I think it was taken to far in the other direction. Now the only way to get any water in large amounts (normally my planters are almost full after leaving it while I sleep and now they barely have any water) is to take several containers and fill it up at the nearest source. This makes it near impossible to run a small farm. To clarify normally I would put several large planters on the roof of my base, let the rain soak them when I was offline and then grow some plants while out scrap hunting. Not a huge amount. (I wasn't really making bank on this), but enough to help in getting some scrap from selling to Bandit camp.  I would also have a water catcher filling several barrels so if I was doing a long play session I could then water the planters from what I collected (as I tend to leave it alone and fill up my water can at rivers when I'm out and about). It suits my play style as I'm a general introvert who prefers to build in the middle of nowhere, and isn't looking to build a major scrap empire. Now due to the lack of water (and I'm in a temperate zone) I can't even do that. So either rain needs to be tweaked again or there needs to be an increase in number of rivers/lakes. Right now those are so few that the area around them gets filled quickly first day of wipe and there's no real way to amass water if your not near a river or the ocean making water catchers pretty useless right now.

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Another way to collect water is using a water tanker and trucking the water to your middle of nowhere base just need fresh water access to make your own little pumping spot or a desal plant, just a thought. i'm pretty sure it's (the lack of rain) is a game/FP thing, maybe because it's summer in the northern hemisphere or maybe because they are tweaking alot of things at the moment.

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I set up just three small water collectors and they are always full the next day I log in. If I plant anything I'll play on the server until the crops ready and don't normally run out of water (I only have four planters though). I'm setting up a few more collectors just incase but probably don't need them.

As for the tanker idea it works really well. Takes time to setup but once the tankers is full it lasts for quite sometime with a small farm. When I used the tanker I had eight planters and four sprinklers.

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