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Windmill Mayhem


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Please, pleeaassee do something for players that have a TON of windmills at their base. Some of us can't even play game normally due to the lag issues. Especially when you choose a spot to build that is quiet, secluded and safe. But then the next day you log in, someone has built a base with a TON of windmills right beside you. It makes that game unplayable for those with PC issues or slow/bad internet. ugh!!! why? 😞 😭 I sooo  ❤️   the server and players and I know you can't choose your neighbors but there has to be another way to deal with this easier without relocating. Maybe show the players who don't know much about electricity some pointers? maybe? lol!!! ❤️




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Maybe the output of turbines needs to be increased or doubled or Tripled. Or solar panel outputs to 100 each or even 200.
So players don't put down literally 13 turbines (like the base last wipe between Launch and GE) or 18 turbines as well as 30+ water pumps in the build directly beside me the wipe before that (the farm was smaller than mine).
It may help server stability and player experience.
I see people getting DC'd all the time, having to constantly load back into the game.
It's been happening to me even more now, especially since FP have placed asset warmup/loading into the background on game loading. I really don't think that was a wise move from FP.

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