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[AU] Survival Event: THE GREAT (rust) WAR


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Join us this coming weekend on [AU] Survival and "go over the top" for THE GREAT (rust) WAR!
Saturday, July 23rd at 2:00PM AEST

Everyone is welcome to join! The event will be posted in Discord under #announcements and listed as an event to check local time.

How to play:
Sharpen your PVP skills and take your place in the trenches armed with your trusty bolt-action rifle to defend your bunker whatever the cost! Your objective is to destroy the enemy weapons cache located inside the bunker located in their trenches.

Rules and info:
1. Follow all instructions issued by admin
2. Griefing is not permitted
3. No abuse either in chat or verbally
4. Remain inside the arena when participating in the event
5. Do not shoot at players outside the arena or spectators


Prizes | Rewards:
Award for Gallantry : $10 EZcredit
Award for Heroic Sacrifice : $5 EZcredit

Award for Roleplay : $5 EZcredit

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