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Join Us This Thursday For Sumo Derby on EU Pure! Thursday 21st July 2022 at 8:00PM BST!

How To Play:

Round 1: traditional sumo derby with a le mans start. Doors will open, grab a car smash, crash or push your opponents off the edge

Round 2: team up with a random player. Run to the mediocre guns and grab a car. Then on GO shoot, smash and push players off the edge 

Round 3: Team up with a random player. Run to better weapons and grab a car. Then on GO shoot, smash and push players off the edge. The final three teams will be entered into round 4. 

Round 4: A free for all amongst all final six players. 

Points: The last three players for each round will earn 3, 2 and 1 points in respect to their position

Rules and Info:

- All server rules remain in place and must be followed

- All players must listen to the admins running the event

- Getting to round 4 does not necessarily mean you will win the event 


1st Place Winner: $10 EZ credit

2nd Place Winner: $5 EZ credit

3rd Place Winner: 3 Supply Drops (To Either be Received Straight Away or At The Start Of August Wipe)




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