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1 hour ago, CypherXP said:

Hopefully for the same reason we have a personal Heli announcement?
So people should (hopefully) not go shooting Brads they weren't invited to? (Due to the cost of summoning, etiquette etc)

With instanced loot, this is no longer an issue.

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The instancing only goes so far, 2 HV rockets per person to meet the min dmg requirement + 0 dmg required by summoner = 4 players max per brad.
It takes 7 Hv to kill brad. so 1 Hv rockets worth is needed to finish.
That's if no-one else is trying to "tag" brad at the same time outside of the person / group taking Brad.
If anyone else joins in it means more people are not able to meet the min damage requirement and no-one gets loot bar the summoner or the lucky person able to get 2 hits.
Thus, some etiquette is required and an announcement would help.

Bar that it's confusing sometimes if a Brad is a summoned Brad or a natural Brad. (For purposes of working out if it's "ok" to land hits on it or not)
It's generally considered rude to try and damage privately summoned brads if you are not explicitly invited.

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I agree it dose get alittle confusing to know if its a summoned one or a natural one. I've been apart of groups fighting summoned brad and someone shows up and messes up the hit count so some don't get loot. I'm not sure what others think about this idea but I would be game to have the summoned brad have more health. It would be fun and make that 2 rocket min hit easier for most people to have a chance at. Random thought. A call in chat would be nice for sure. 🙂

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  • Staff

The announcement of attack heli is useful given it can just appear (if you are unlucky) right above you, pops in and it travels across the map a short distance (new players tend to worry and strip down or take cover inside their base.) Brad spawns at launch.
it's unfortunate when loot bugs up, but it's a risk and adds to the game. 

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