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EU Scourge banned EatMyTralala

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Offender: EatMyTralala BM Steam
Server: EU Scourge
Time: 19:51 BST
Length: Perm
Reason: Continued harassment and griefing
More Info (Optional): Eatmytralala was first warned on 19/7/2022 for griefing a player by building foundations and a tower all around his base.
Second warning for harassment and griefing of the same player/group was issued 28/7/2022, this time the player was spamming the team with loud music, throwing loads of rhib signals and smoke grenades at their base and crashing multiple scrap helis into their base.
Ban was finally issued on 03/8/2022 after a player from the group that was getting harassed called for me in global chat as once again his base was subject to an assault of smoke grenades, when I teleport to the player I saw Eatmytralala crouching around under their wooden foundations. A quick check of his inventory revealed a stack of smoke grenades. Eatmytralala had also just thrown a distress signal so at this time I decided to implement a ban for continued harassment and griefing, and a further attempt to grief the team with the patrol helicopter he had just called in.

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