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Proximity to workbench


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It would be nice if we could be a little further from the workbench and still have it work - I have been on a couple servers where the radius is your entire base, but if that is too much then maybe just 5-20 feet from it so we don't have to snuggle right up to the bench to get it to work.



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God yes, this is the only thing I don't like about RustEZ Servers. Having to stand in one place any time I want to craft something. I love literally everything else about this community and the servers. But that, ugh. I get it from a Roleplay perspective, but since RP isn't mandatory (I don't think I've even seen anyone RPing honestly) I don't feel like being able to craft away from the bench would break any immersion or anything.

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On 9/12/2022 at 2:54 AM, CTCT. said:

You're missing the point there mate; It's not about how long it takes to craft something, instant crafting is a different thing. This is about having to go and stand next to a Workbench in order to craft something. Two different things mate 🙂

yes but this isnt a vanilla mechanic so what @Postanouis saying is it wont be added to pure servers even if it does get added to the other rustez servers


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Why would I suggest it for Pure servers? That seems a little stupid to even suggest someone would? This thread has never at any time suggested that this should be a thing on the Pure servers. This is like saying, "This will never be added to my dog, because my dog is plugin free." 

No kidding? I don't see why he even brought this up, it makes zero sense. The suggestion thread from the very beginning was for modded servers, surely that's obvious? What am I missing here exactly?

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