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EU Pure Squid Games


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Squid Games on EU Pure!

Eu Pure Server on 11th August at 8PM BST

Can You Survive The Game?

We are hosting an evening based on the hit Netflix show Squid Games. Most games will be included with the occasional twist! All players from all servers are free to join and maybe meet some new people, however, remember there can only be one winner!!!

Games Included:

Red Light Green Light

(Players move until Admin turns around. At that point everyone should stay still or risk death)

Glass Floors

(All players have to get across the bridge within a certain time. However, watch out as some tiles may not be as stable as you think)

Honeycomb Challenge but with Pictures

(All players will be separated into categories and given an item to draw on a sign. Player with the most alike or interesting drawing will win)

Squid Game (Battle Royale)

(All remaining players will be able to choose a weapon and then they will be released. At this point it is the last one standing will be our squid game winner)


All Server Rules Still Apply

Every Player must listen to the Admin's running the event

Any bad behavior will result in you being kicked out of the vent and our future EU Pure events


Winner (or best player) of each round will receive 2 supply drops 

Final squid game winner will receive $10 Rustez Store Credit

How To Enter:

If you wish to join our evening of fun, laughter and rivalry please ensure you are on EU Pure by 8PM so that you can join the event. There will be a 10 minute grace period for any late arrivals. 

We look forward to seeing you and you never know you may meet that special team 😃

EU Pure Team


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