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US Pure ban- POWSTA 416

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Offender: POWSTA 416     Battlemetrics | Steam
Server: US Pure
Time: 2:12AM EST
Length: Perm
Reason: harrassment, stealing, griefing
More Info (Optional):

On 8/11 it was noticed in chat that a player appeared to be having an issue with another player harrassing them while they were out gathering resources.  When another admin went to that player to check if everything was okay it was noticed that POWSTA continued to follow and harrass this player even after being asked to stop multiple times.  POWSTA was kicked and asked to read the server rules before rejoining. 

an hour and a half later on 8/12 I was called to a report of a player stealing wood from a campfire the reporting player was actively using.  upon checking the logs POWSTA was the only name on the campfire and was in possession of the stolen wood.  Another warning was sent asking POWSTA to type /rules in chat and become familiar with them to avoid further warnings or a ban.  

After their warning for theft I watched POWSTA return to the players base who reported them for stealing wood from their campfire and begin shooting into their base.  POWSTA then left, looted some barrels and returned with flares which he promptly threw over the high external walls into the players base area.  POWSTA left again and began collecting wood, at which time he placed a TC as close to the players base as he could and began building a tower to gain access to the players base area over their high external walls.  

Given his disregard for the server rules after being kicked and warned multiple times, ignoring our requests to review the rules, and showing no regard for the gameplay of others, a permanent ban was placed on their account.  


Screenshot 2022-08-12 005212.png

Screenshot 2022-08-12 011614.png


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