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US Pure ban- clancy.gilroy420

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Offender: clancy.gilroy420      Battlemetrics | Steam
Server: US Pure
Time: 9:37PM EST
Length: Permanent
Reason: Stealing/looting
More Info (Optional):

On 2/7/22 clancy was warned by another admin for stealing another players mini heli and promptly crashing it.  this warning included asking clancy to review /rules to avoid disciplinary action going forward.  

on 3/28/2022 clancy was again warned by another admin for harassment and griefing after continually shooting rockets at a neighbors mini and scrap helicopter, eventually blowing one up.  Again clancy was sent a console warning including the message to review /rules in order to become familiar with what we expect out of players on our servers going forward.  

on 4/6/22 clancy participated in a team based event another player was hosting.  this event required that teammates share a locker in order to store their personal items as well as collect their kits for the event.  Clancy took advantage of this and stole his teammates kit out of their shared locker and disappeared from the event.  the items were recovered from his inventory at that time and returned to the owner.  A console warning was again sent to clancy asking them to please review /rules.  

on 5/16/22 clancy was console warned by another admin again, this time for stealing loot from a sleepers body.  

and finally on 8/12/22 I responded to a report of a theft on discord.  the reporting player claimed they disconnected and returned to their inventory being empty.  I pulled logs from their body, and found the only name on it to be clancy's.  upon a search of their base/inventory, every item and quantity of item(s) the player reported missing (95 pistol bullets thompson smg salvage axe and pickaxe 5000 water jug) was found in clancy's possession.  

at this time the decision was made to place a permanent ban on clancy's account.  even after being given a couple "extra chances" clancy continues to show no regard for the server rules, or for the gameplay and enjoyment of his fellow community members.  


Screenshot 2022-04-06 221152.png

Screenshot 2022-08-12 203248.png

Screenshot 2022-08-12 203313.png


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