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Possibly we all work together to rotate who does Bradly and oil rig and cargo!

Sirius Black

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Our server being popular and geared towards the more vanilla side of gameplay players all have the same opportunity to get to launch and try to get him. 

There is a no camping rule that we do our best to uphold but cannot be online 24/7 so if you see a player(s)/teams that are camping please report it to an admin and allow us to handle the players that are not abiding by that rule.

Players are able to participate and assist in taking the patrol heli as well as the APC and Cargo...If you want to do it solo you can leave and try your luck again another time. I myself at times want to do it with others and will participate alongside them...there will also be times when I am lucky enough to get one by myself. You just have to keep checking and at some point it will be there when you are 🙂 

On our modded servers players have an option and ability to call in personal APC's (Brad) & Patrol helicopter's (Karen)

Stay RustEZ  🙂 

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