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The Purge PVP Event

Green Cordial

The Purge 24/hour Real Life PVP Event  

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  1. 1. Thinking of an Weekly Event of PVP for 24/hours irl Time. The Purge has PVP enabled Raiding and Killing is Legal it will bring a true zombie apocalypse feel to the server making players stay on their toes and go around the world finding out who they can really trust.

    • 1.Looting players and looting crates/boxes they own, 2.Raiding houses and property damage on, 3.can take loot from resource/workbench's etc,
    • 1.Can loot crates/boxes Cant loot players, 2.Raiding houses and no damage or destroying Tool Cupboards Workbench's and etc, 3.cant take loot from resource/workbench's,

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Great idea, but I cannot see this ever happening here. We are PVE servers.  
We do occasionally have events where PVP can happen, but only to those who join in.  The events are never anything to do with player's bases and such. We typically build the arenas ourselves and remove them when it's all said and done.

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