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One Wipe event for EU survival


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Had an idea for a single wipe event for the server i play on (EU SURVIVAL)

As the server name goes, i have a feeling a wipe long event forcing players to survive under harsh conditions would bring a lot of content and RP diversive fun

My idea is that of a raging storm has hit the island, plummeting temperatures to dangerous levels.
The island starts off temperate at first, allowing players time to build and get ready for an the impending storm.
Once a set number of days has hit, Temperatures Lower, and continue to lower until it's unsafe to be out without the proper clothing and heat sources, same for indoors, the safety of your base still requires heat.

The storm will occasionally break to give players a breather from the storm long enough to gather, farm freely and enjoy the break.
Until it returns again forcing players to do exactly what the server is all about "survive"

For new players, admins can build a kind of Hub, or multiple hubs around the map..
Much like a safehouse, incase players get caught out in the weather or new spawns need somwhere to increase warmth before heading out.

Players can also help by taking in others, working together to survive the entire wipe in one of the worst storms to have ever hit the island.

Now i totally get that this will require an EZ Dev to mess about with plugins, or maybe even slap a code about or two, I also understand that EZ devs are busy busy busy.
If this is too much on top of an already large workload then dont worry about it. I dont want to detract from other servers just for a cold event on the one i play on.


Cuppa Tea aka Thorgrimm

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Interesting idea. I am not the decision maker on this one, but if it were me? I would totally add flooding to the fun. LOL
I played on a server that had the floods before... HUGE fun. 

Well, aside from the whole... help help!! I'm drowning.. part of things.

Fire This Is Fine GIF by MOODMAN

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Yeah im a total fan of flooding! although you could add flooding to occur maybe in the last 7 - 14 days of a wipe? gradually flooding the whole map over that peroid..
Just so i can roleplay freezing my backside off before everyone panics and starts invading the nearest hill 🤣

Although the only issue with adding flooding and i mean its the single only issue i can see if that of shop purchases, specifically the pumpjacks
some players are a bit fearce when it comes to their beloved Quarries and pumpjacks, especially when they've bought a pumpjack for $4
Now to me $4 is nothing, id get alot of in game worth for that $4 and wouldnt care about watching my pumpjack sink, other players on the other hand..well, some might not be carefree with spare cash, as for the others... its rust, you know what they're like.
I just wouldnt want you all to get bombarded with "i want a refund" because their pumpjack is pumping salt water 🤣
Personally id love it as an additon as quarries and pumpjacks arent the heart and soul of why i play on Survival. I wish i could say the same for others, but we all have our own play style and quirks that bring us in to EZ servers 🙂

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  • Staff

Love this idea, I do find after a couple weeks from wipe it starts to get a little stale on the survival struggling for things to do. Having an extra challenge with random events like flooding would be cool. Even something like random NPC's raiding your base could be fun making you think about defence and giving turrets etc some use

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