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EU Scourge banned 9MT

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Offender: 9MT BM Steam
Server: EU Scourge
Time: 02:55 BST
Length: Perm
Reason: Raiding
More Info (Optional): Player has 2 previous warnings for raiding decaying bases from previous wipes, details noted on BM.
I noticed a player report filed against 9MT saying it appeared that they were raiding a decaying base. Upon reviewing their salvage logs, it was clear that was exactly what was taking place. I logged into the server and witnessed them at the base, and their raid base built just outside the base which they had taken over with their own doors, locks and TC. 9MT was the sole looters on nearly all the boxes inside the base, and the large furnaces outside the base as the original base owned was a solo player. 
Given that 9MT has 2 previous warnings for the same actions, I decided to implement a ban at this stage to prevent further damage. 








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