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Ban Appeal: Burks (2https://rustez.com/forums/topic/5663-ban-appeal-burks-2019-ban/019 ban)

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Appealing a ban from 2019. Poor evidence and poor attitude on Ghost's part. TC encroachment was no what was going on at the time. My neighbour kept building TCs around his PJs and base and using pipes. I only placed a TC to keep his away from my TC area. I remember being banned specifically for this reason (TC encroachment) as the griefing in question here occurred in a public hotel that i was also a "guest" of. Its been 3 years anways.. Ghost isn't even a staff member anymore. Can I just please play scourge again?

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  • Northstarz changed the title to Ban Appeal: Burks (2https://rustez.com/forums/topic/5663-ban-appeal-burks-2019-ban/019 ban)

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