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US Pure Ban - USTECH

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Offender: USTECH       battlemetrics        Steam Profile
Server: US Pure
Time: 1:33 pm Eastern
Length: Permanent 
Reason: Raiding/Griefing
More Info (Optional): 

  • USTECH was first warned on 10/08/2021 for raiding numerous bases as well as altering/removing bases and deployables owned by others (griefing)
  • On 11/16/2021 He was warned for making a trap base. The Base was disabled and the console warning made it clear that impeding the gameplay and progression of others along with player griefing is against the rules and a bannable offence
  • He received a warning on 12/10/2021 for hoarding vehicles and was informed that doing so impacts others. He was instructed to release the excess or put up a vending machine to allow others to purchase them while he was offline.
  • USTECH was warned on 01/19/2022 after his name showed up on the logs of containers with numerous items missing and the owner reporting the theft.

I was informed of a removal of another players items. Upon investigation I found that USTECH was the one who griefed the player by removing the players deployables and stealing the contents.

USTECH was given every opportunity and numerous chances to adhere to the server rules and play within RustEZ's rules and policies. 
Prior theft and griefing infractions shows a complete disregard for the servers rules, the gameplay and progression of others and a permanent ban was implemented. 


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