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US Pure MAZE (September edition!)

a 3/0 sc lauan

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Come visit the MAZE on US Pure!  This months MAZE is located at E18 and is sure to be as fun as it is frustrating! 

Amenities include: Food, Flashlight, Storage for your items, Trough for your horse, and plenty of space to bag yourself nearby if need be! 

As always the MAZE is as simple as the push of a button! Finding the correct button will automatically open the door to the next room, and shut the door behind you!  There are no tricks, traps, combinations, or parkour required to navigate the MAZE!  One button push per door.  If you're having trouble, you're not pushing the right one!  It is hooked up to work 24/7 barring any unforseen electrical issues. 

Upon finding your way through to the exit, the MAZE will grace you with its bounties! 

this months PRIZES include:

1st finish: $5 RustEZ store credit, M249, L96
2nd finish: M249, L96, Golden egg
3rd finish: M249 OR L96, 2 Supply signals

All other finishers will be eligible for 5,000 scrap prizes, and large presents (available on US Pure only!) while supplies last! 


maze 0922.png

maze 09221.png

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