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I   was recently approached by an Admin on the premise of 'looting' when it was logged in-chat by Myself (being that the the offline Players' base-door was left-open, a box OUTSIDE the base was unlocked; thus I simply checked on the inventory of the Player and box to see if the situation was worth worrying-over, and to My astonishment, I *Personally* felt that it was.

  Therefore, I pretty-much [immediately] logged My concerns in the chat to Admin while still in the base, thinking that this was no problem at all, and that all was done was a simple act of being 'a Good Samaritan',   -as My long-term goal when I have more time for gaming, is becoming an eventual Admin for the Pure/EZ Server.) the Admin and I resolved the matter, and all it came down to, was an 'APPARENT' concern that I may be held in 'suspicion' if anything goes missing, which went over smoothly and We had a friendly chat about it and parted ways after a few laughs.


  A few moments later I was re-approached by the same Admin while attempting to log-off to an incoming call, but attempted to log back on as soon as possible,  -However, found I was Banned by that very same Admin without Them rather waiting for My Return to initiate second discussion.

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1. "Good Samaritan's" don't look. While looking in player's inventory or their belongings is not stealing it, 1 makes our job harder to track down missing items, 2 makes you look suspicious as well. Unless you're in a team with another player or simply team up and have fun playing the game together there is no need to see what they may or may not be carrying.

2. When we parted ways the first time I checked the notes left by other admin regarding the exact same thing you and I discussed so I took it that you hadn't learned the lessons. I went back to talk to you again about the seriousness of the situation because you obviously didn't think it is that big a deal looking in other players things. When you and I spoke you constantly downplayed the seriousness of it. As I approached you to tell you that I'd have to take further action you logged off.  1, I didn't know you were logging off to answer a phone. 2, I took it as you not wanting to take responsibility. So the ban followed.

3. I am happy for the ban to be lifted, however, if there are any more instances of your loot logs on other players items the ban will be reinstated without any chance of appeal!

We take matters like these very seriously.

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