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US Pure Ban - Danilo Nomas

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Offender: Danilo Nomas      battlemetrics      Steam Profile
Server: US Pure
Time: 12:34 am Eastern
Length: Permanent
Reason: Raiding/ Griefing

More Info (Optional): Player was first warned within his first hour playing on our server when they took over another players base.
When an admin became visible and informed the player that taking over another players base/build is a form of griefing and that griefing, raiding, stealing is against the rules and bannable offences he was apologetic and removed the locks and doors they placed.

Within 24 hours upon receiving a warning and verbally speaking to an admin Danilo Nomas flying a mini with a teammate in his passenger seat flew onto a players base to take advantage of a base exploit and raided contents from containers and other deployables
The owner of the base got to them in time to see them fly off and over him.
When sending Danilo Nomas and his teammate a warning I sent the warning in English and Spanish to ensure both players were aware of the servers rules. 

I witnessed both players land within another players compound and upon landing start accessing/stealing anything they were able to.

Danilo Nomas was warned and informed verbally and through our console warning system. 

Danilo Nomas was given every opportunity to adhere to the server rules and be a part of our PvE community...instead Danilo Nomas not only chose to disregard our rules and the warnings he was sent and given but also take his teammate who is new to our server in a mini to raid and steal from players and bases. 

Danilo Nomas continued raiding, stealing and griefing players and bases on our server with no regard to the gameplay and progression of others and a permanent ban from our servers was placed on his account.





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