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AU Scourge - Scourger Hunt. *Feed the beast*


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All players are welcome to join in on au scourge on another Scourger Hunt.
You will need to collect all the items and place in a box and then summon a Tiff in chat.
The scourger Hunt canvas of the picture above can be found at the community center outside Outpost in G14.

The items are;
50 green berry seeds, 6 chocolate bars, 6 water bottles, 6 wolf skulls, 1 animal joke on a note, 333 animal fat, 1 tank top, 1 of any pumpkin clone, draw a picture of a beast (no /sil give it a try and have fun), 1 orange roughy, 13 worms, 1 giant candy, 1 beast bandana, 4 cooked human meat and 1 close photo of a hangry bear (it will be hangry because that's how bears are when you get close to them, bear or polar.)
If working as a team leave a note with all the names of who participated in the box.
Another Joke wall will go up after a few players have finished.

Tips: Take a photo of the image on your phone or write the items down. Please use /skin when needed. The picture of a beast (up to your imagination) can be on any canvas size, that's also up to you. It can be in the box or give me directions where it is in your base. Summon a Tiff in chat suggestions; 'Hey Tiff, i've finished', 'i summon a level 30 Tiff', 'Tiff i'm done' etc. 


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14 players so far have finished the scourger hunt. Art and photos that have been handed in can be found at the community centre in G14.
Thank you for playing along and there's still some time to finish up. *Hint Hint* Also consider teaming up with other players as it can be hard solo for the next hunt. 😉
You guys did AWESOME!

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