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Add a few things to /rules or /info


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A few situations lately (the last few months) have come up on US Scourge that I feel should be easily accessible while in game, either on the /rules text in chat, or the /info screen. 

  • Modular car limits per group. 
    • I believe back in May the discussion came up that there was a 10 vehicle limit per group. I know this was previously posted, which also links to this revamp discussion, but I'm not sure of the development status. 
  • Horses.
    • This might be a better fit for the /info screen so that players know not to take other's horses, as well as how to secure your own horse and keep it alive.
  • Mini / horse / boat spawning info.
    • I see newer players frequently ask if these spawn randomly in the world, a quick bit of info on this might help.
  • TC ring around bases.
    • I know the rule currently allows for one ring of TCs around your main build to give you a small buffer, but again having it in writing would save some headache. 
  • Attack heli and Brad signals.
    • This came up yesterday in game so really it's the most recent thing that came to mind. Currently this FAQ exists, but also having it noted in game would be nice. I think there's something about it on the /info screen currently, maybe, but not 100% sure. This is specifically in reference to the portion of the FAQ that states "These events are instanced to allow others on the server to participate while ensuring the signal owner will receive loot for their efforts. They are not designed for a single player or team to solo challenge."
  • Body / bag despawning
    • It seems quite common that people are trying to recover their dead bodies / bags hours later. Having information regarding how long it takes for a body and bag to despawn in theory would save admins time having to search for an hours old bag that's already gone.
  • Politics
    • Could a rule be added so that players know political names / discussion / imagery are not allowed, rather than having to be told by an admin? 

I'm not asking for any rule changes, but as a player when something like this comes up it could save a lot of headache to respond with something along the lines of "Hey, check out /info and read the whatever page." I see these more as quality of life improvements to help players and admins alike. 

I think this covers most of what I've come across and noted lately. 

Edited by san
Added specifics to attack heli portion and that I'm on US Scourge.
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Another thing in regards to attack helis, and I really wish I didn't even have to type this but common sense seems to be a quality lacking in the world today.

It'd be great if the attack heli server message had an additional line, something like "Do not use another player's base to fight or hide from the heli."

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