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Website: Create an "Have I been purged?" Page.


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I think it would be handy if there was a page on the website that people could be referred to (and/or as a resource for admins/players) that lists all the people who have been auto purged for (Currently 7 days) inactivity.

So people can go there and have a look first at that to see that their base is missing due to purge and at least know why (not that it would make some people happy anyway).
Then if it wasn't due to purge they could follow that up with an admin investigation (where possible).

I was thinking this could be fairly easy to automate if the purge system has a log.


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It might be nice for players to be able to visit a page and quickly see but it is very easy for admins to see if someone has been purged though, so if a player finds they are logging on to a fresh beach spawn and want to know why or where their base is, it would take an admin only a few seconds to bring up the log and see they have been purged. It might be useful when there are no admins around to answer this question but any admin can bring up the logs if they give their steam name and server so if the regular server admins are not around another admin on discord could quickly find out if a player suspects they may have been purged. 

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