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AU Scourge - Scourger Hunt- Skulls.


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All players are welcome to join in on AU Scourge on another Scourger Hunt.
Scourger hunt is a scavenger hunt on AU scourge.
You will need to collect all the items and place in a box and then summon a TiffDust in chat.
The Scourger Hunt canvas of the picture below can be found at the community center outside Outpost in X13 and in L22 ingame.


The items you need for October Scourger hunt are:
5 apples, 1 raw deer meat, 2 water jugs of salt water, 1 catfish, 3 admin skulls*, 1 ladder, 1 red roman candle, 1 bone helmet with your choice of /skin applied, 1 water purifier, 1 basic healing tea, 1 chainsaw.
1 spooky/halloween joke on a note, draw a spooky picture on a canvas (no/sil.) and 1 photo of the skull spa.


Helpful information:
DLC doesn't need to be purchased to join in, check player shops or L22.
The skull spa is found at a custom monument.
Picture can be on any sign or canvas.

3 Admin skulls are needed, ask an admin online for their task to exchange for their skull.
It's a mini fetch quest but they won't be asking for anything too valuable or rare. If it's difficult to get 3 different admins you may ask for additional skulls/fetch quest from the one admin.

There's no rush in the Scourger hunt (unless you leave it to the end of wipe) and everyone who finishes the hunt gets a prize.
On completion of the scourger hunt, you will keep all items except: 1 Catfish, joke, picture and photo. What you do with the items
left over is up to you but i suggest you use or recycle them.

Teams are allowed to enter as a joint entry. All team members names need to be on an additional note in the box. No teams larger than 3 please to keep it a challenge.

Summon a Tiff in chat suggestions; 'Hey @TiffDust, i'm finished', 'i summon a level 30 Tiff', 'Tiff i'm done' etc. Feel free to drop me a discord DM.


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