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AU Scourge- Scourger Hunt- Fire & ice


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All players are welcome to join in on AU Scourge on another Scourger Hunt.
Scourger hunt is a scavenger hunt on AU scourge.
You will need to collect all the items and place in a box and then summon a TiffDust in chat.
The Scourger Hunt canvas of the picture below can be found ingame at the Community center outside Outpost in T2/T3 and inside pump jack spawn huts.

The items you need for November Scourger hunt are:
10 empty can of beans, burst module, 3 igniters, 30 fire arrows, incendiary rocket, orange boomer, 700 charcoal, A Ice door (use /skin), beach parasol, beenie hat, flame turret, blue keycard, salvaged icepick. Draw something hot or cold (no /sil), 1 photo of the icy fire altar (it exists on the map somewhere.) A joke of your choice is always welcome  but not necessary to complete the hunt.

Helpful information:
DLC doesn't need to be purchased to join in, check player shops or Scourger hunt shop at the CC T2/T3 near outpost.
The Icy fire altar is a custom build somewhere on AU Scourge.
Picture can be on any sign, canvas or photo frame. Photo doesn't need to be framed.

There's no rush in the Scourger hunt (unless you leave it to the end of wipe) and everyone who finishes the hunt gets a prize.
On completion of the scourger hunt, you will keep all items except: your picture. What you do with the items
left over is up to you but i suggest you use or recycle them.

Teams are allowed to enter as a joint entry. All team member names need to be on an additional note in the box.

Summon a Tiff in chat suggestions; 'Hey @TiffDust, i'm finished', 'i summon a it's over 9000 Tiff', 'Tiff i'm done' etc. Feel free to drop me a discord DM.

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Best chance of getting one is in a locked crate that has to be hacked- Oil rig, CH47 events, NPC garrisons. Otherwise check player shops or /shop, recycle for a burst module.

Icy Fire Altar Is found: in the south, in the snow, not on an iceberg. It now also has the event artwork and photos taken by all the players who have found it and heard the giggle.
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