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Banned EU Scourge - BENO

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Offender: BENO Steam Battlemetrics
Server: EU Scourge
Time: 20:10
Length: Permanent 
Reason: Continued griefing and player harassment 
More Info (Optional): The player has a history of sustained disrespect and harassment towards other players, he has been warned and spoken to in person but doesn't seem to heed any of the warnings. After every instance of griefing and disrespect previously he would cease the behaviour after receiving a warning but sooner or later we find him causing issues yet again. Today BENO was yet again waiting around at launch site, he has been warned previously for camping there waiting for bradley to spawn, and he was being disrespectful towards another player. When I got tagged in chat and asked for help, I spoke to both players and then went invisible to spectate the behaviour, BENO then went up to the player and shouted "fuck you, fuck you, fuck you". Given that this player has had many warnings in the past for toxic and disrespectful behaviour, I have issued a ban to stop him from spoiling other players enjoyment on our server.

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