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New mod Request (water base mod)


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Hi Digal1221 here
Been playing on this server for a WHILE and I enjoy it allot and been having fun with a good community and admins (notice me admins)
I know this server is pretty heavily well mudded and love every thing has to offer.
But in the same time I wanted to a samaaallllll mod to recommend
Which is the WATER BASES MOD! (link below for more information)
Only if you have other websites where you can get this type of mods?
This mod is literally an innocent one where I do not think it will do any conflict with any other mods you guys have. 
This mod will literally let players build floating Square/Triangles on ocean where they can build on top of them and make ocean huts/basses/ship basses/any crazy idea someone could have 😄
Plus would give a better opportunity for flatter surfaces for them to build wider basses or race tracks or other crazy things on a straighter surface!
And as well will make a bit more affordable and more buyable the Righ/Boat flair for them to spawn and travel the ocean.
And would reduce the stress for the streets and let other who like to be more retreated to have a much better and calmer environment 😉

So I hope you like my business proposition and hope to hear from everyone's there opinion to this and if this is a good/bad idea.

Thank you all for your time and sorry for my English.
Best Regards




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i kinda want this one too just charge net worth to  craft the rafts. Also, Good note I did run this plugin on my personal server one time.  You just can't build too close to oil or too far out cuz if cargo hits it your base is destroys.

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That was the best part built a fish vacation house and I woke up the ship came and fully destroy the entire base XD hahahaha
But its really good simple mod I like it.
And net worth for the foundation hmmmmmm not sure if it will work like that to be honest BUUUT it will make the boat signals more wanted after 😛

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