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Cool Things that we could probably add in the future if possible.


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Hi all,

here are a few add ins i think would be useful and helpful(not provided in a specific order).  However, if staff could take a look at and if something looks interesting could we see if it could be added to the roadmap? These add-ins/adjustments would in essence be applicable within a 1 year road map if spaced out correctly. The way the changes are broken up some are designed to drive the sub revenue & RustEz  Website Shop. While some are designed to adjust the in-game meta.

All players:

Subscriber Perks:

Spend/Gamble NetWorth (These would be placed in bandit's Casino, Prob Bottom Floors if Space  is a burden):

Add to RustEz Store:


  • submersible-pump is a plugin i listed specifically to allow people that pay for their sub to  not be forced to  fight  water area hoarders. Thus, giving  users the ability  to build in unique spots. Same applies to Water bases.Both these plugins would be exclusive to monthly subscribers. Thus, Shorelines  & rivers become fishing & Planter areas.

In-game adjustment:

  • Cap non-vips to only 1 wind turbine & 1 Search Light, VIPs +1 wind turbine &  +1 Searchlight , Subscribers +1 wind turbine & +1 Search Light.  (Use a plugin to cap the entity limit type)
    • Thus, the max a player can place is 3 turbines and 3 searchlights.
    • Short Name: generator.wind.scrap / Item#: -1819763926
    • Short Name: searchlight / Item#:  2087678962
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