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asking to be unbanned

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  • Staff

Thank you for participating in our Ban Appeals process.

With the current cancel culture in the world, racism in all aspects of society is being closely scrutinized.  While we do understand that it still heavily permeates music, comedy, movies, and other media, it is something we do not feel is appropriate to have in our servers.

Words such as what were used on your account are not welcome in any context and we do not lift bans for language which have only one meaning.

This is plainly stated on the server's loading screen before you enter.

Additionally, this is also stated on Facepunch's Terms of Service : https://support.facepunchstudios.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007485418-Banned-for-Racism-Homophobia

Here are resources that you can explore to learn more:


Anti-Racism Glossary

Anti-Racism Resources


Your ban will not be lifted.

You are solely responsible for what happens on your account. 
We wish you the best of luck on your future gaming endeavors.

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strange cause yes i did use a word i should not have but i used it on facebook not rustez.   as for the harrassment i refused to sell my lgf to a player and did not want to live next to a player who verbally harrassed me.  yes what i said on facebook was wrong. 

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  • Staff

Further info regarding your ban from the original post.


Offender: dragonzz (Battlemetrics) (Steam)
Server: All
Time: 2021-01-19 9:59 PM
Length: Permanent
Reason: Racism, Disrespect, Harassment & Trolling

Additional Info:



Disrespect of specific players, our PvE rules and our PvE community

Mocking players in game voice

Harassment & Trolling

Bullying players to ruin their time on our servers

Trolling players

More Info:

3:55 PM 2021-01-16 dragonzz: from now on i catch you i drop you from 100,000 feet

3:26 PM 2021-01-19 dragonzz: i am selling lfg

3:26 PM 2021-01-19 dragonzz: sorry not to you

3:27 PM 2021-01-19 dragonzz: as a player i can sell my stuff to who i want

3:27 PM 2021-01-19 dragonzz: i earnt it it is mine

3:28 PM 2021-01-19 dragonzz: i reserve the right not to sell to those i do not like

11:40 AM 2021-01-13 dragonzz: really CUT THIS TOWER BACK

11:40 AM 2021-01-13 dragonzz: CUT IT BACK

11:41 AM 2021-01-13 dragonzz: this guys tower is 8 by 9 and over 15 stories

11:43 AM 2021-01-13 dragonzz: you where asked to cut it back

12:06 PM 2021-01-09 dragonzz: sarge is nice not like that area hog oobob

12:49 PM 2021-01-09 dragonzz: ok there is some beach front real estate on the island i am on i just released

12:49 PM 2021-01-09 dragonzz: open to all but oobob

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ok lets take this 1 at a time  the 100,000 comment  the guy kept shoot at me for no reason so yes i said that, if that was harrass ment why did you do it a week earleir at launch whne someone did the same thiing to you


next i refused to sell lgf to a 14 tr old.  1st even thou i was an admin did i have to sell to him, he had almost everyone not wanting to deal with him.  he was even rudw to granny.  so i had extra lgf from my personal pumpjack no way was i gonna deal with him.  


the guy with the tower had build bobolus or however you spell his name in alraound his base, bob asked him nicely to move he said yes and bob gave him supplies to help him. next day he reused to move. So i saw this as he was harrassing bob a regular vip player. i asked him nice and was told to f off.


oobob was asked multi admin too cut his base back a little when he did. he make the statement " i had to cut my base back cause it was bigger then dragons dick"  so no i did not want to live near him. before this i had been a vip player for years with no major issues. i just wanted to comeback as a player with my vip status to connect with friends.

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