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The Giant Excavator is so darn loud!


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I play several servers, and back in the days of the old fishing poles, I used to always live on the ocean near the Giant Excavator, so I could mine scientists for fishing poles. Sniff sniff. Miss those days.


Anyways, I was never really annoyed with the loud rumbling of the GE, because it was sporadic, and 99% of the time, it wasn't running. Today, because of instancing, the GE now runs 24/7. I noticed that normally, players don't build withing the GE's "loud zone". I can hear a car door slam a block away, so I am sensitive to low sounds.  I could never build a base near it today, yet I still always live in the desert. I was wondering if there's a way to mute the noise it makes. I know you can't lower the volume. I've asked about quieting the fireplaces before. Not possible.


In my opinion, as a long-time player on your servers, Instancing the Giant Excavator isn't really necessary on the less populated servers. The limited amount of diesel on a server really limits the time the Excavator can run. May be a different story on a more crowded server, but that's what I've seen.


I highly doubt the volume will be muted or lowered or Instancing shut off, but RustEZ allows us to toss ideas at the devs and Death, and this is one idea that is constantly swirling in my head.


Thanks for listening.


- China

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