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I saw this on one of Blooprint's videos and it got me thinking. 1) Is it possible to have the tech tree disabled for the first few days of wipe? or... 2) Is there any interest in a wipe that has no tech tree?

I bring this up because every wipe I see tons and tons of vending machines that for the most part go ignored. Very few things get sold except for the rare items that can't be crafted (ie M249, L96, or diesel barrels, etc). Removing the tech tree may be just the kind of thing to stimulate an actual player economy and not only make players interact with one another, but also allow players to profit off their grinds/RNG luck.

I'd be curious to see what a poll would say about doing something like this.

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  • Staff

That is good idea! Removing tech tree would make people roam and explore more also, trying to find items all across the map, and it would help with economy.

Removing /trade would help with player interactions and stop some players for giving stuff for free and ruining economy with it.

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