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Can i be unbanned? It's been over 2 years :(

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Title says it all. I did a lot of trolling back then cuz that's what i thought was funny due to some toxic youtubers i used to watch. Ive grown up a lot since then and these days i work full time and barely have enough time to enjoy the games i used to spend 15 hours a day on. I just wanna kill some zombies on a server with a decent pop please 😞

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  • Ozen changed the title to Can i be unbanned? It's been over 2 years :(

Hey ya so 2 entire years ago i got a perma ban for saying kys in chat. I know every single staff member has never once in their entire lives told anyone to kill themselves but i'm but a mortal man, unlike the sinless god's that consist of this staff team so can i like.. oh idk? Get another chance or am i just gonna be ignored?

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They are probably having trouble identifying the ban from 2 years ago, and whom should handle this appeal.

To make it easier on the admins, post server you were banned on, what your IGN was at the time, and ideally your Steam ID (big number that starts with 7656119...). A link to your original ban report on this forum wouldn't go astray either.

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