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AU Scourge: MrCheezyTacoz

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Offender: MrCheezyTaco  BattleMetrics  Steam
Server: AU Scourge
Time: Between 11:59 PM
Length: 30 Days
Reason: Continued player harassment, even after spoken to by admins.
More Info (Optional): Player was warned first for trolling another player not long after being on the server, then went on to steal car parts from an open lift and was given another warning. After some discussion on global about a player asking/telling this player to leave, I teleported in vanish to watch this player continue to climb into their base, climb structures, just being annoying. I hopped out of vanish, advised on server rules against griefing and player harassment and told to move on. Player then went straight back, and I kicked for ignoring the rules and moved player back to their base. Player logged back on and went straight back to the base in question and sat outside their walls in a chair they placed right becide someone elses TC, ran inside again and ran around again.

A 30 day ban was then implemented as it was clear MrCheezyTaco wasn't interested on following the rules.

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