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AU Scourger Hunt on AU Pure, AU Scourge & AU Survival.


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All players are welcome to join in!
The AU Scourger Hunt will be running on all 3 AU servers this wipe.
Log into either AU Pure, AU Scourge and AU Survival to take part.

Scourger hunt is a scavenger hunt that runs all wipe, you can do it at any pace.
Starts Sunday 18th June at 4pm ends 5th July at 10pm (times in AEST)
You will need to collect all the items and complete tasks and place it all in a box (painting is ok to be on a wall) and then summon an Admin.
Click image above to reveal the full image.
Read the image very carefully and keep it handy, you will need it. You can /sil it to a picture frame in your base to help track the items as you go.
First to finish $10.00 RustEZ store credit.
Second to finish $5.00 RustEZ store credit.
Third to finish 3 Supply Signals. 

All who finish get 1 supply signal next wipe. Max prize is 1 but you are welcome to punish yourself and complete it on all 3 servers.
*You need to summon an Admin ingame public chat (Don't wait for an admin to be online to do so.) You can also use the discord to DM an AU admin, please be patient as all admins are volunteers who work and sleep.
Your box contents will be checked by an admin that you have all the items, you aren't finished until all the items and tasks are done.

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