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Banned because harassing and greifing people

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Im sorry for harassing people but when i tryed starting an conversation with a person tryna say hi they said ur on drugs because i was talking a little to fast and then they blamed me for harassing them which i was i was following them around just saying random crap and them mocking me made me mad so i started harassing them then they started talking about my mom saying she was on crack and i need new parents so i got banned for that harassing but im sorry and i gueinialy wanna get unbanned im perm banned but i wanna try to get unbanned so i can have fun and not harass and grief i made a big mistake im srry

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Offender: ThisGuy

Server:US Scourge

Time: 12:57am EST

Length:3 days

Reason: harassment and grief 

More Info (Optional): Was asked to stop, wouldn't stop. Got warnings and kicks, kept doing it. I get that somethings that are said can make others upset, but there are better ways of handling it. In 3 days the ban will be lifted. Just remember that there are others ways of dealing with people. Let these days be a cool down period and to get your thoughts together.

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