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US Survival - Viper

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Offender: Viper - Battlemetrics - Steam
Server: US Survival
Time: 5:45PM PST
Length: Permanent
Reason: Player Harassment
More Info (Optional): Viper has been warned in the past for harassment (12/21) and for destroying another players base (12/22).

Sent the following warning to player on 7/31/23 for his most recent batch of harassment that happened over the weekend. "Sending you a warning today after receiving multiple reports of harassment on 7/29 about getting players banned if they don't do what you want them to. Threatening other players is not taken lightly. You are on your final warning. Please follow /rules. If you have any questions regarding these rules reach out to an admin to explain further."

Player decided to not follow these rules and to start a witch hunt and accuse and attack others trying to obtain more info. No additional info has been provided to Viper. The continued attacks after the final warning was issued is what resulted in this ban.

Due to the nature of the harassment i will not be providing the details here in public. Someone from Leadership has seen enough to enforce this ban, but will still be provided to any other Leadership that wishes to see.

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