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Coming back to the game after AutoBan from mistaken language issue

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I dont know exactly how long I have been banned for but I remember the ban bot(?) insta-banning me after saying something accidentally about the topic of "a bundle of sticks and its old definition". Something similar to "**** ie. a bundle of sticks" roughly about a year + 1/2 ago I think.
I tried making an appeal for it in the past, but sadly failed due to the fact that I didnt explain the issue properly to one of my ban appeals, let alone probably a huge misunderstanding.

The server in which this issue happened was in the [US] Scourge server

I would like to re-experience playing in the server I used to know and love again, prolly meet new friends and make use of my VIP Status once more.
If any issues were to come up about this appeal, please do let me know.

Thank you.

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  • Staff

Thank you for appealing. We do not lift bans for language which has only one meaning, that being purposefully racist or severely derogatory. 

While we do understand that this language permeates music, comedy, movies, and other media, it is something we do not feel is appropriate to have in our servers.

Pejorative terms and derogatory words such as what were used on your account, are not welcome in any context. This includes in global chat, on signs, and written on notes or sleeping bags.

The ban will not be lifted.

This is your previous ban appeal

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So I'm guessing theres absolutely no way of lifting the ban for a second chance even tho the term was addressed in an accidental manner, resulting in auto-ban? I kinda wish the chat logs during that time was still existing to this day because I'm not too sure as to how the ban even happened other than it being addressed by accident during a "copy-paste" moment. The previous appeal was kind of made out of a whim of frustration from the sudden ban of my account, resulting to me not addressing it properly. Kind of a waste to see my VIP Status just sitting around gathering dust hence why I thought I would ask for an attempt for an appeal. Let alone my purchase history from the past as a community member as well as to come back to Rust as a whole.

All I remember was talking about in a discussion of old terms that were now deemed derogatory of our day and age.

But thank you for your time for looking into my issue. I hope you have a nice day going forth ^^

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Ok thank you. I do appreciate this option I will do that shortly

The only other reason as to why I want to come back is, well my wife and I are looking for a chill server to just play on and this came to my mind

Plus, the only person I know is Death but thats from a long time ago before this whole fiasco happened

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I'll probably just do one more random person from the leadership team (more likely the recent visit from my profile), I'm hoping that I'm not wasting anyone's time with this post but I am hoping for the best regarding this issue from the past. I do apologize regarding this issue ahead of time just in case the worst does come towards my way

I'am pleading my case and hopefully it gets reviewed

I also am not sure if I should be @-ing everyone from the leadership team so Im a bit anxious about doing so... but please do let me know if I have to do so in that regard


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