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Destruction Derby EU Survival Event

Lord Yeoldemort

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Through flames, Carnage and twisted metal a Champion shall emerge above all their foes to claim their place as Demolition Derby Champion. 20th August 7pm BST on EU Survival. Are you that Champion? Top 3 people win a prize only one will be immortalised.

(Contary to posters start time is 7pm BST to suit our populations online time)

Vehicle parts will be provided. The will to bash your opponent into dust is within you!


  • Only parts provided may be used to build your vehicle.
  • All players will have 10 mins to build before start.
  • All Server rules apply regarding respect to others.
  • Campers in the arena will be shot! (30 seconds trigger).

Winner will please stay for photo's that will be displayed at our community centre naming them as champion of the event until they defend their title.


Store credit prizes:

1st - $10

2nd- $5

3rd- $5

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