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Banned AU Pure - Death_Eater565

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Offender: Death_Eater565 BM Steam
Server: AU Pure    
Length: Perm
Reason: Stealing
More Info: 

Another player reported their scrappie and several items had been stolen from their base. Logs showed Death_Eater565 had accessed the player's boxes but was not authorized to do so. Found missing items at Death_Eater565's base. This is the second instance of stealing following F1 warning.

A permanent ban was issued.

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im so sorry man i know this server will never forgive me but if theres a chance i will be let back in which theres probably not and i understand why i was a jerk i feel bad for stealing what i did but if you decide to give me a second chance i promise i will change and never steal or do anything against the rules ever again im so so sorry man i dont know what i was thinking i was just complety stupid when i stole that stuff if im never allowed back in atleast give that guy all of my stuff everything and tell him im sorry sincerly Death_Eater565


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i have and i regret it because it was a privlige to even be abel to play on that server it was my favorite server and i just still dont know why i did it and im very sorry i stole from you i just wasent thinking straight but that still dosent change what i did the absolute least i can do is say im sorry to everyone but no matter what i say that dosent change it but i am sorry.


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  • Staff

Hello Death_Eater,

We want to emphasize that the decision to issue player bans is not taken lightly. Such actions are only carried out when warranted, following careful examination of logs, conversations with players, and thorough investigation.

At this juncture, your ban will not be lifted, as I find it premature to lift it due to the significant disruption your actions have inflicted upon the server.

Your involvement in various base raids, coupled with prior discussions and warnings that you disregarded, including an instance of player disrespect, have led us to this decision.

We wish you the best of luck 

Head Admin - Butter 

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