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Hello rust EZ.
 I am happy to be back in a great community. 
 I do have a concern. Over my many years of being rusty, I know and I am sure you all know what lag is.  There are many ways sever lag is caused. One of the biggest lag monsta is TWIG.
  I recently logged into US rust EZ and was lagged out with in 5 min, after the rubber band stopped I was able to look around. I only had to go 6 grids to find 30 to 40 twig structures.
  Some were just a one square, some were an entire base ... still in twig., with lights, refineries, large furnaces. Now, I get it if a player comes in and sets up a 2x2 and leaves it twig and them leaves ... but this is a player that has been there for many days. 
 There was only 9 player online when I joined , The lag should not have kicked me.
 I have been on many servers over the last 3 years, most servers will not allow TWIG. Some get through it by making TWIG destructible ( the best my IMO), others have made twig 4X decay. Eather way TWIG MUST STOP. TWIG is almost the worst lag on a server, only second to simple lights ( they need to be banned for ever ). (edited)
Not just an observation
This message coming to you from the friends to ban TWIG. (edited)

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