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add /recycler as an alternative to /rec


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It's a very minor thing yes, but it would be nice. I play on 2 servers (different type depending on what I'm in the mood for), whereas this one uses /rec and the other use /recycler as a command to open portable recycler. I have it bound to a key, but it's annoying when only one will work and I have to manually change the keybind every time i switch between the servers if I want it on the same key. There are work arounds (like using different keys), but I don't think adding an alternative command is the hardest task, so I hope the admins can be so kind to do it even if nobody else cares about it ❤️

(also yeah, i might ask the other server to do the opposite as well, i just happened to start here as this has been my main for the longest)

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I have a new keybind for you, while this is not quite what you're asking for, it does solve the problem of having to change your keybind when you change servers. You can just copy the below and paste it into your f1 console and replace key with the button you wish to use.

bind key meta.exec "chat.say /rec" "chat.say /recycler"

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