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Banned for repeaeting what a player said to me

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 I was planned after a player has been attacking me- he was calling me a *horse" in chat- and I pointed out that he called my son a faggot-  I was not calling anyone a faggot- I pointed out that he  said it- as he was calling me a whore-in chat.. Something he has been saying to me since the beginning of wipe. I realise now I should not have written the word out- I was not aware that I was not allowed to. HE the player JOSELON2_GTX has been sexually  harrassing myself and my  son-since the beginning of the wipe-he has called me a whore-called me crazy-smoke grenade me repeatedly-harassed me daily.. And generally made out wipe hell. HE was warned and allowed back on the server..  I repeated one word that he said and I was banned forever??  MAKE this make sense.. 

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Hello entouslieux, thank you for participating in the appeals process! 

Words such as what you used in chat are never okay, in any context, which is why they're filtered and cause an auto ban.  

We understand the situation you were dealing with is frustrating, however in order for the admin team to resolve the issue we need to investigate and collect evidence, as we cannot issue a ban simply based on word of mouth, and you were told multiple times that it was being watched.  Unfortunately things are bound to happen while we're not online, and while we dont wish for you to have to deal with it at all, the best course of action is to make use of the mute feature for individual players and/or turn voice chat volume off so you dont have to hear what those players are saying to you.  It's never okay to take these things into your own hands, because that generally causes otherwise good players to stray afoul of the server rules themselves.  

With that being said, we will overturn this ban just this once, with the understanding that this type of behavior CANNOT happen again, and any further infractions of this type will result in a permanent ban.  If you continue to have issues with other players please notify the admins by asking for one in game, or using #help in the rustez discord and tagging @us pure. 

We look forward to having you back!


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