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Offender: JOSELON2_GTX     Battlemetrics     Steam Profile
Server: US Pure
Time: 9:13pm Eastern
Length: Permanent
Reason: Stealing
More Info (Optional):

JOSELON2_GTX has shown a repeated history of harassing players in-game and was previously warned on two separate occasions.

I was requested to check the logs of a players base after they noticed numerous items within the case missing. The logs showed JOSELON2_GTX accessed all the storage boxes, refineries and furnaces stealing as much as they could going back multiple times.

When confronted the player denied having gone into the base and said they never would steal anything. When informing the player that our logs show ever time a player opens/accesses a box/deployable he still denied it. 
After alot of back and forth banter about him not doing it vs. our logs that show he did...JOSELON2_GTX confessed to knowing what base I was talking about and finally admitted in taking the items. 

Two other players reported missing items from compounds/bases and after checking the logs found JOSELON2_GTX and Teammate to have been the ones who accessed and stole from them.

Due to the history of harassments towards players and now the many instances of stealing from other players a permanent ban has been placed.

I will only post a few logs. The player has stolen from alot of players so there are many more logs available upon request.





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