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August MAZE!

a 3/0 sc lauan

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Join us on US Pure for August's edition of the MAZE!

Located in the middle of R25 on US Pure, this months maze is sure to challenge veterans and newcomers alike!  The maze will run until wipe, and is open and operational 24/7!  

As always, food, item storage, and a flashlight are provided on site, and there is plenty of room nearby to drop a sleeping bag in case you need to leave and come back! Running the maze is simple, one correct button push opens a door to the next room, it's up to you to navigate the correct path while avoiding dead ends and other incorrect maneuvers!  there are NO combinations, parkour, traps, or anything that will kill you aside from thirst or hunger if you're in there too long without food!

Of course, the MAZE wouldn't be complete without prizes for the top finishers of the month! 

This months prizes include: 
1st: $5 RustEZ store credit, Golden egg
2nd: $5 RustEZ store credit
3rd: Golden egg, Supply signal

The MAZE can be run as a team; HOWEVER, teams will have to split the prize they win (e.g... 2-person team finishes with 1st prize still available the TEAM will receive 1st prize to split amongst themselves, NOT 1st AND 2nd prize) This will ensure as many players as possible have a chance at all the prizes available.  If you play on another server, please leave your username and the server you'd like your prizes delivered on, on the note you deposit at the end of the maze!  The top 3 Prizes will be delivered NEXT WIPE!

After the top 3 prizes are exhausted, subsequent finishers will be eligible for scrap prizes, supply signals, presents, m2's, l9's and others for the remainder of THIS WIPE while supplies last.  These prizes will be available on US Pure ONLY! 

We look forward to seeing you on US Pure, and hope you enjoy the challenge of the maze!

maze 0822 ad.png

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